Monday, April 13, 2009

Learn Urdu Online, Learning Urdu in easy steps

The best online Urdu learning program. The sole objective of our program is to facilitate all the Urdu reading and learning lovers out there!

Urdu is 3rd largest spoken language of the world and still no great work is done for its promotion by the Urdu communities online. We have made this start and are determined to promote, develop and spread Urdu language through its effective teaching.

Urdu cannot be a rich language in cyber space until and unless we nourish Urdu in getting its real position in the world languages.

How it works:

If you are looking for flexible and convenient Urdu lessons, this is just the place to start from. Upon finishing our online Urdu course, you will have achieved a good foundation in Urdu vocabulary, grammar and its usage in day-to-day conversation.

How our online Urdu reading program works:

• We give one-to-one classes
• Tutors are well-qualified and experienced
• We are currently teaching hundreds of students in several countries

Analyze the following and become familiar with our online class before you start your first course:

a) Program Demo

You can see how our online class works, operates and functions in our "Course Demo".

b) Computer skills
You don't have to be a computer expert to take our online courses. All you need is a consistent access to the Internet, the ability to navigate the Internet, and the ability to send emails with attachments.

c) Free Trial:
We also give you an opportunity to undertake a free trial and see for yourself if you like our service

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